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Business Transformation is a change management strategy and execution framework which aligns People, Process and Technology with business vision and strategy

What we do

Solution Design

For business transformation to work, it has to be practical. That’s the approach we take. We begin by framing the ambition, current gaps, the transformation roadmap, and the priorities for getting started. The solution document provides a holistic approach to transformation.

Organization Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is a framework structured around the changing needs and capabilities of an organization. OCM is used to prepare, adopt and implement fundamental and radical organizational changes, including its culture, policies, procedures and physical environment, as well as employee roles, skills and responsibilities. Simply put, it is the People side of the Transformation.

Program Management

Program Management is leading the execution of the transformation that has been defined through the Solution Design, Enterprise Architecture and Organization Change Management. This usually involves leading, monitoring and reporting on multiple streams of projects and change management activities to ensure objectives of the Transformation are achieved.

How we do it

Business Transformation initiatives are generally large, complex and carry risks. The execution framework should be pragmatic and proven.

The illustration shows the phases which have been proven to be successful with our clients. From the initial phase of Visioning/Strategy through to Implementation, each phase has mutiple work streams with many overlapping numerous phases (e.g. Organization Change Management starts at the Process Improvement phase where Impact, Risks and Mitigation plans are documented and subsequently managed through the implementation streams.)

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